How to Configure USB Gadget?

Could someone point me to where the Linux USB Configuration files are had? Eg where does it specify /media/BEAGLEBONE as mass storage device and the size?

Also is there a way to direct something other than console to the USB Gadget Serial?

I’d like to make my own USB device and would like to configure the configurations. Thanks!

Which board do you have?


Beaglebone black.

If you plug in your BBB to an HDMI enabled device you can view it there.When your BBB boots up and is at the Desktop, go to Applications>System Tools>Disk Utility

Expand Local Storage>Flash Drive

Here, you will see the volumes on your BBB.

I was hoping someone could give some insight on where the configuration files and/or source code is for controlling the USB gadget.

Eg. I want to change the name of the device and it must have the USB descriptor somewhere.

Any answer on that subject ? I’m looking for some too.

Search on g_multi.