How to connect WD Element 1 TB HDD to beaglebone black

Hello All

I am trying to connect my 1 TB hard disk to my beagle bone black board.

I have powered board by 5v power adapter

and when I check df -h my 1TB hard disk does not show up

Even I cant see small led in y hard disk glowing.

Can somebody help to solve my Issue.

Thanks and Regards

Nitish Jha

how much current does the drive take ?

It should take somewhere between 100 to 500mA

You can not power a hard drive directly from, the beaglebone. Period. Full sized 3.5" drives can peak to 2-3A draw when first spinning up.

For a 2.5" “laptop” type drive. It would not be unheard of for the drive to need 1-2A at spin up.

So, you need a different enclosure for a hard drive, that powers the drive from a wall plug.