How to copy BeagleBoard image to a windows PC

How to copy BeagleBoard image to a windows PC so that I can send it to a coworker?

Imgdiskwriter32 is an excellent tool to duplicate cards or generate images

Hello Vinicius,

Thanks for responding to me. I have an emmc image on a SD card, I want to copy the image from the SD card to my PC.
When I put the SD card in the Pc, windows says it needs to format the drive, What am I doing wrong?


One option is to use something like DiskInternals:

I have never tried this myself though.

The other option is to use either VirtualBox or VMware Workstation Player to create a Debian or Ubuntu VM on your Windows system and use that to read the image from the eMMC.

I would suspect there is a Docker example of this somewhere.




You can ignore the message of your windows, in win32 will appear your drive as source , the put a file name on the image file and select read

Windows has no idea of how to access EXTn (Linux) file systems. As far
as Windows is concerned, inserting an SD card with EXT4 is the same as
inserting a never formatted SD card. Windows only reads FAT and NTFS cards.

  Win32DiskImager has
the ability to read a raw SD card. One problem is that it tends to require
an identical card for writing the image because it copies the entire card
layout, and a similar card may have reserved more blocks, meaning the image
won't fit the card. (Balena Etcher is write-only, but may be better for
that operation)