How to customize the BBAI64 eMMC minimal image?

First of all, I want to thank the forums for the great information they provide.

I installed ROS2 humble on top of the BBAI64 microSD image and set it up with a bunch of python modules.
I mounted the microSD to my laptop and extracted the image to .img so I can use it on other BBAI64s.

The goal is to integrate ROS2, my code, and a few python modules in a minimal snapshot of eMMC.
I want to modify it so that when I flash my customized image with emmc-flahser, my ROS2, code, and python modules are ready to go.

Hi @ALEX_PARK , make sure bb-beagle-flasher is up to date:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install --only-upgrade bb-beagle-flasher

Then set the ‘flash’ direction:

Copy eMMC → new microSD:

sudo cp -v /etc/beagle-flasher/bbai64-emmc-to-microsd /etc/default/beagle-flasher

Then insert new microSD and run:

sudo beagle-flasher

After flashing has finished…

Take out microSD and test it on another bbai64, if it run exactly how you want, next set the “eMMC flasher” enablement:

sudo cp -v /etc/beagle-flasher/bbai64-microsd-to-emmc /etc/default/beagle-flasher
sudo enable-beagle-flasher

Now on every bootup with that specific microSD, it’ll flash the eMMC…


I get it, I thought eMMC images and SD images were separate.
Thanks. I have gained one knowledge.

for the BBAI64, the location of tiboot3.bin varies between eMMC/microSD…