How to disable tether wifi on the Beagle Bone Blue

Hello every one,

I’m working on a robot that is control thanks to a camera. To send images to a smartphone, I implement mjpeg_streamer. The problem is that when I’m working in a place with lot of WIFI (an apartment for example) there is 2 seconds of latency, so I tried to disable default access point (AP) of the BeagleBone Blue to not over charge the BeagleBone, Blue. To do so I use connmanctl :

tether wifi disable
Error disabling wifi tethering: Already disabled

But the BeagleBone Blue is still in AP mode. When I tried to enable a new AP, it works for a while but after a moment the default AP was back. I guess there is a service that makes sure that the Default AP is on.

Does someone know how to disable the default AP mode ?

Thanks so much for your help !