How to disable the splash screen in Beaglebone Black board.

I am doing yocto project (kirkstone) on Beaglebone Black board. i want to disable the splash screen(yocto image). I tried different tutorials, but still it is not working.

So, how can I disable splash screen in my yocto build?

Thanks in advance.

Are you building core-image-sato?
core-image-minimal does not have a yocto splash.

Thank you for your reply. I am building core-image-sato image.

That is fat image for BBB, unless you need something specific from it might consider core-image-minimal and use systemd on it. I run core-image-weston on the imx8/6ul/imx93 w/touchscreen and it is very robust. The bbb only has one core, its a strong board just not my first choice for a full graphic experience.
What I do with BBB is run nextion HMI for the ui, run it on the UART and let BBB work on the serious stuff.

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