how to enable commands in angstrom distribution?


i need some commands in the angstron distribution for Beagle board.
Thats not avaialble in the distribution.But its its available in linux
server root /sbin folder.

how can bring that commands from server root /sbin folder to the
angstrom distribution?

please any one help me to regarding on that.


What kind of commands do you need?
lets say you want to install gcc.
What you need to do is:

opkg install gcc

this is the way to install packages in angstrom

I hope it helps

2009/8/26 Thanga raj <>

Thank you.
but i got this error "-bash-opkg command not found".

where we have to put the opkg package and in the server for insatll

please explain the procedure how insatll that.

opkg is a packages installer,
some times the commands you need are not in the package list, so you need to download and install them.

So the best thing you need to do right now is: download the package you need and install it, this way you will be able to use it.

2009/8/27 Thanga raj <>


i have installed the opkg in the server.but it corrupts the script
file and overwrite the root folder.

can you please explain clearly how to install the opkg packages and
also send the link to download the package?

Well, i have angstrom installed, what i do is:

  1. Open terminal in angstrom (right click, insert command, “xterm”)
  2. Opkg package is already installed in angstrom so you only have to use it as any other command, if it doesn’t work i recommend you update the angstrom distribution:
    let’s say i want to install gcc compiler, in ubuntu you would do this: apt-get install gcc. In angstrom you do: opkg install gcc, you just have to replace the ubuntu package installer apt-get for the Angstrom package installer opkg.
  3. Install any package you want, you can look for the name on the internet, you will probably find instructions to use apt-get, you just have to change it for opkg, the rest is the same.

I used to have problems working with old Angstrom distributions, i recommend you to update you sd partition with the latest Angstrom image, this way you’ll be more eficient.

I hope this helps you, if not please clarify you question, and i’ll do my best for helping you.

2009/9/1 Thanga raj <>

Hi Santiago,

1. Open terminal in angstrom (right click, insert command, "xterm")

You mean is this operation to be done on linux PC or on the BB ?
In PC I have not found "xterm" command on right clicking.

2. Opkg package is already installed in angstrom so you only have to use it
as any other command, if it doesn't work i recommend you update the angstrom

I am using kernel 2.6.28-omap1 sources which are downloaded from below
Diagnostic kernel :
branch: 2.6.28-oe-r8
The links given in the

Pls help on this.

  1. Yes i am talkin about the beagleboard, is not right click, is left click, then click on Run command, and type xterm (this is only showing you how to open the beagleboard terminal)
  2. When you are at the terminal, you need to use opkg to install a package, this packages are online, so you need internet access in your beagleboard.

there are four posiblities here: 1. The command output is :“command”: X: not found (you need to update the angstrom distribution)
2. * could not get administrative lock (get administrative lock typing $ su [enter])
3. Collected errors: * cannot find package “command” (you’re gonna have to find an other way to install your package, cause opkg doesn’t have it)
4. (i don’t remeber the reponse here, but the thing is: the package can not be downloaded, cause you don’t have internet acces, so get internet working, and after that try again)

Let me know if you have any problem

2009/9/2 Thanga raj <>

If all you need is to bring the commands from /sbin, this is what you have to do:

  1. $ su
  2. PATH=$PATH:/sbin

That should be enough…

2009/9/2 Santiago Gonzalez <>


Thank u very much.

can u please provide the link for the latest Angstrom image for Beagle

Santiago Gonzalez wrote:

Here all you need!!

2009/9/3 Thanga raj <>