How to enable hardware time-stamping function in beaglebone ?

I know that AM335x supports IEEE 1588 hardware time-stamping function,
but I can only see beaglebone support software timestamping by entering # ethtool -T *eth0*.

I want to implement PTP with Linuxptp :
This website says I must enable CPTS driver for AM335x, and somebody told me that I need to make kernel options enable, which are CONFIG_PTP_1588_CLOCK and CONFIG_TI_CPTS .

I found out a config here :
or here :

But I don’t know how to get started with it… I am using Angstrom, kernel version 3.8.
Could somebody teach me how to enable hardware timestamping function in an easy way? Thanks!

CONFIG_PTP_1588 is found under Device Drivers/PTP Clock Support.
CONFIG_TI_CPTS is found under Device Drivers/Network Device Support/Ethernet driver support/Texas Instruments (TI) devices.

These configuration options also need to be enabled: CONFIG_TI_CPSW (TI CPSW Switch Support), and NETWORK_PHY_TIMESTAMPING.

You also need PPS support. I already have NTPD on my Beaglebone so this is a good starting configuration for PTP. I have yet to try LinuxPTP itself, but I will bring up a new kernel with these options and will see if I can run this. I am totally new to PTP myself, but I have run an NTP server for several years, and using the Beaglebone for this purpose since February…

Hi, David,
I am using PTP by NTP assisting now(because I can’t enable IEEE1588 function on my BB).
I have tried to find which kernel support CPTS and PTP CLOCK, but it seems there are some patches only (which I posted above)
That’s what I prefer to enable IEEE1588 with patch, but I don’t know how to use this patch here :
Could you give me an easy tutorial to use it? Thanks!

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