How to enable interrupt receiver register in BBB

Hi All,

can anybody help to enable interrupt receiver register.


Hello Madhu,

Can you please elaborate over what you really want to do? and using what? are you using Debian OS - Sys/BIOS or StarterWare.

I am still a rookie, but I can suggest the following link:

Hope it helps.


Hi Rathin,

Thank you so much for your response.

Basically I am trying to enable interrupts of UART2 on beaglebone black, what are all the register i have to configure to work interrupts work properly.

I am kernel newbie, I started “free-electrons device driver development” course, as part of the course I have to enable interrupts on UART2, using USB to serial cable connect the pins of UART2 open the piccom terminal and if I sent some characters on the UART2 console( picocom) interrupt should be triggered and ISR needs to be called.

But I don’t know what are the all the registered needs to be configured.

I am not using debian OS, I downloaded latest 4.9.y kernel and compiled my self and loaded that kernel. and I am using ubuntu 14.04 rootfs.

Any help is appropriated.

Thanks in advance.


I have not worked on kernel 4+ and not on Ubuntu but I am pretty sure its the same for Ubuntu as it is for Debian, so give it a shot!

Refer to this link :

This might help.