How to enable mini-USB as a serial port for BBB?

Recently I’m trying to bring up my BBB board, and I want to develop linux drivers on it, so I need to compile kernel by myself.

Before I use my customized linux, I tried the - getting-started imgs to boot my BBB.
When the BBB boot done, I can find a COM port on my win10.( I just use the miniUSB port connected to my laptop). Then, I can use mobaXterm or putty to login it.

However, when I use my own linux img to boot my BBB, I can not find such COM port. I doubt I need do some specical configurations to compile the kernel again. But I don’t know how to do it.

Can any experts help me here?


Hi @Allen_Walker in Bullseye install this debian package “bb-usb-gadgets”…

Then enable this service:

Then edit this file:


to enable custom options:

or just use the factory default:


Thanks for support!

So you mean this feature is not only configurations in kernel ? I need install above packages to enable it?
Or above package is default enabled in the imgs from - getting-started ?


Hi @Allen_Walker it’s a user-space side configuration. While it requires the Kernel to have specific config’s enabled, the “USB Configuration” is purely in user-space thru configfs.


Thanks a lot ! Maybe I need learn more about some knowledge about above links : )