How to enable USB host while powering beaglebone black with Single Cell Lipo Battery


My beaglebone black is powered using single cell LiPo battery via TP6. (A 10kohm resistor soldered btw TP7 and TP8 to act as thermistor). The board powers up fine and does everything except the USB host is not working. I know USB is supposed to work with 5V, thus while debugging I used a 5V supply to connect to TP6. The board power up fine yet the USB host is still not working. While checking the IC U8, it’s found that the voltage reading of pin4 (enable pin) of U8 is 0V. The AM3359 IC is not providing output to the USB1_DRVVBUS, i.e. the AM3359 decides to turn off the USB host when battery is used. Any advice where to change in the device tree or what to do so that the USB host won’t be disabled? The OS used is Debian Wheezy 3.8 kernel.


USB needs 5V. I keep bringing this fact up. If you run from the battery in this fashion, you have no USB host function. There is no SW fix for this.


I know that USB needs 5V. I mentioned that in my question. Let me put it in this way. I have a 5V supply. Instead of connecting it to the mains or USB, I connect it to the TP5. I’m supplying 5V to beaglebone black, but the USB host does not work as long as I have the thermistor soldered.