How to find ip address of beagle board

How to find ip address of system and beagleboard when connected with
crossover cable (Ethernet).

$ ip addr show

If that does not work, there are a lot of pages in the Web covering that
topic. So please show some effort next time and post what you have tried
so far.



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May be there is a simpler way. Here is where you can find your <a
href="">ip address</a>

HI. I guess you are asking how to find the address of the board so
that you can use ssh to access it. Here are some pointers. Using a web
page will not work if your switch is using NAT (99% probable) or using
a crossover cable (no internet)

1. Connect with a serial cable and read the ip address using ifconfig
(tip use 'screen -U /dev/ttyUSB0 115200')
2. Mount the root filesystem on a different machine and assign a fixed
ip address in /etc/network/interfaces
3. If using a switch, log into the switch and find the DCHP leases
list. The BB will be one of those
4. Ping every address on your subnet
5. Use wireshark on your host to see which address the BB announces
itself as
6. If using a switch, add a rule to use a fixed ip address based on BB
mac address

If you are using a crossover cable, you probably don't have DHCP
servers set up, and in that case option #2 is probably your best bet
or elese the BB will not be able to initialize its network connection.

Good luck,