How to generate the required booting images for beaglepay board?

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I have created an image from the AM625 Processor resources available on the IT website. I copied the images (tiboot3.bin, tispl.bin, u-boot.image) onto an external SD CARD and placed it in the respective location on the BeaglePlay board. I then used a “terminal” emulator program to set up the serial options.

However, after setting up the serial options and pressing the reset button on the board, it fails to boot the images. Could someone please help me with this issue?

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They have directions on how to deal with HS / FS. That might be the issue, your play board is GP and will not boot with HS (security mode). I have not worked that for months, this is from memory. Also, ti image does not have the correct dtb file for the beagle play it is just for the evm board.

Your best working solution is to use one of the RCN images for the board. It will have all the overlays included and networking will be functional.

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Hi Foxsquirrel,

Thank you for your information. I followed the instructions at AM62x Beagleplay — Das U-Boot unknown version documentation to create the images for BeaglePlay. However, the board is still not booting with these images (tiboot3.bin, tispl.bin, and u-boot.img).

I suspect that the issue may be related to the following variables:

export CC32=arm-linux-gnueabihf-
export CC64=aarch64-linux-gnu-

Could you please suggest a proper link or method for creating images for the BeaglePlay board?

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A while back I tried a yocto build and it did not boot where it did before. Some others that are still using the board might be able to help you out on this.

Use an RCN image to verify the board actually does boot.

Are you using the Ti BSP or building from Poky?