How to get Beagleboards


does anyone know when there will be beagleboards on stock at Digi-Key?
And btw ordering from Digi-Key to EU is nightmare. It took me 3 hours
and 2 chats with Digi-Key support stuff and at the end we found out
that they don't even have it on stock!!

Thanks and best regards,


In the meantime there was stock at Digi-Key, so we have ordered
boards, but we got following explanation from Digi-Key:

We have export guidelines we must follow for all of our products.
These guidelines cover several aspects of an order. Due to these
guidelines we can not ship this part to you. I hope this helps clear
up any questions, if not please feel free to contact us.

We don't get what is the problem. During chats with Digi-Key, they
didn't mention nothing about their guidelines for exporting to EU!

So how it is possible to get Beagle Boards to EU? Anyone got them?