How to get Hardware Flow Control lines for serial port

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I am working on a school project and I need to have a serial port that
has Hardware Flow Control eg. I need RTS and CTS pins on one of the

Looking at the BB Manual in Table 20(pg 97) I find that before it was
possible to get UART2(CTS, RTS, RX and TX) lines in MUX:1
configuration but that does not seem to be the case anymore(the shaded
line replaced the nonshaded line).

What would be the best way to get Hardware Flow control ?

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I would use the CTS and RTS pins for UART2 that ar elocated on the expansion header. The shaded area are the signals that are found on the Rev C3. No pins were removed from th eRev B version, just the pins and mux positions were changed.



My understanding is that I will need to compile a new u-boot with the
proper MUX settings for the UART2 port to work.

Am I correct? Is there a guide/howto on modifying the MUX settings?


I would do a search on the discussion board and look for this. Other people have done this for other reasons and functionality.

Another option would be to purchase a Zippy board where all of this work is already done for you to activate the UART2.