How to get in touch with...

This is first and foremost directed at @RobertCNelson and @Vauban.

I am pretty new to the beagleboard forums and found it very interesting and welcoming,
but one thing I have yet to figure out, is how to get in contact with the two of you.

I know I can always open up a new topic, and you guys seem to be pretty good
at involving yourselves. I can only imagine the volume of notifications you must claw your
way through every single day, so Chapeau to you!

But sometimes, the issue at hand doesn’t quite warrant a topic, so I’ve tried a message instead.
Those however have gone unnoticed, so I couldn’t help but wonder if you’ve turned them off
and I’m kinda shouting into the void. So instead of guessing, I thought, why not just put it out here?

So the question becomes, what are the ways you would like to be addressed:

Is it

  • Topics only, no matter how small the issue or audience. (We have messages turned off)
  • Messages ok, but they might get missed.
  • ?

Again, I have the deepest respect for your time and I think you’re doing a stellar job at
engaging with us; I just need to have this point clarified for me.

Either the forum or discord is perfectly fine.

It’s been shown over the years, no matter how small the topic, other users will be interested…


Copy that! No PMs in the future… :smiling_face: :+1: