how to get start with gui programming?

Hi, Dear all:

I have installed angstrom linux into beagleboard. Because I want to do gui interface programming

but I don’t know where to start.

Any ideas



The wonderful thing about Linux is that it has so many options. By
"wonderful", I'm afraid I mean "it leaves you full of wonder". The
beauty and curse of open source is that if people don't like
something, they can fork off new projects and do things a new way.
This results in a number of competing solutions fighting it out in a
marketplace where there may or may not be financial rewards. In
contrast, Microsoft and Apple provide a very limited number of ways to
do GUIs, but the result is not as transportable.

Personally, I use good old X Windows for Ångström programming. See Specifically, I use the X
libary (Xlib) calls, supplemented by Xft (X FreeType) for text
rendering. I do not use any X toolkit. I wrote my own layer that
provides dialogs and menus which runs on top of Xlib on Linux machines
and on top of Win32 on Windows machines.

Basic Xlib programming is well documented by the "Xlib Programming
Manual" and "Xlib Reference Manual" for X11 R4/R5 from O'Reiily and
Associates. I got them used for about $5 each. You need them both:
the first is a good introduction to GUI programming with good
examples. The latter provides the details of function calls.

A lot of people like Cairo, also known as Xr (the Greek letters Chi
and rho). See Cairo
provides high-quality graphics rendering with anti-aliasing. It runs
as a thin layer between user programs and the underlying graphics
layer, e.g., X Windows, Microsoft Windows, or Apple OS. I looked at
Cairo but I detest floating point and avoid it whenever possible. The
on-line documentation looks decent. For widgets, you can use GTK+

Another possibility is Qt (pronounced "cute"). See Qt provides basic graphics
and a huge widget library. It's well documented in a textbook that
you can purchase or download. The authors claim that programming in
Qt is fun. Like Cairo, Qt lets you build graphics that is easily
ported between hardware platforms. I looked at Qt but turned it down
because I didn't like its licensing at the time (that has now
improved), but mostly because I detest C++ and avoid it whenever

There are other possibilities as well, but these are the ones I know
most about.

Good luck!

Hi, John:
I understand what you tell me and thank you very much!
What I really mean is how to deploy Qt into beagle.
The traditional is to set the environment in the host then scp the application
to the beagle. There maybe some easy way to do the way. That what I really concern.
Somebody use python to do GUI programing now.
Thank you very much for your time