How to get the Element 14 wifi cape to work

I hope this helps.

First I have the latest Debian OS from 10/2018

and I have the Element14 WIFI cape working with the industrial BeagleBone Black

It took a lot of poking around.

But God smiled upon the struggle and I found BB-GATEWAY-WL1837-00A0.dtbo in the /lib/firmware directory.

Edit the /boot/uEnv.txt with these modifications.

###Additional custom capes


Then modify this sectoin

###Disable auto loading of virtual capes (emmc/video/wireless/adc)






Comment out


Add this line.


power down

PLUG your wifi cape in and and power up.

start connmanctl and do what the readme says to do.

enable your wifi, scan your wifi etc…

You should be running and not tearing your hair out.

Have a great day

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Is there any way you could provide the uEnv.txt file for this ? Still unable to get this to work.