How to get the latest ubuntu image for Beaglebone Black (via MicroSD Card)?

I would have thought it should remain commented out. looks like the command to flash the eMMC

Your looking at /boot/ on the eMMC media…

mount your microSD, you’ll see it un-commented…


Why are you worried about this? Everything is in apt…

The minimal is small image for any of the boards, to at least get network up and running out of the box.


Yes you are right, but I’m very new to embedded linux and I fear that I might have difficulties.
The easiest, but far from elegant, would be to use a large SD card, put the xfce version in it and boot from it.

So if I write the xfce version on a new large SD card (I have a 64GB) and boot the BBB with the card inside, it will boot from the card (instead of flashing the eMMC from the card) ?