How to get the latest ubuntu image for Beaglebone Black (via MicroSD Card)?


I’d like to install the latest version of Ubuntu on my Beaglebone Black, but all the pre-configured images of SD Card I found in this page(BeagleBoardUbuntu - are out of date and it shows 404NotFoud. How can I the latest ubuntu image?

Hi @M1chelle ,

Sorry with all the development going on at, any “non” Debian image wasn’t really a priority, thus it never got tested.

I triggered a rebuild of this config:

Feel free to build it yourself as:

./ -c

You should see a build show up here:

As for as support, it is as-is… As i don’t test it…


Freshly updated:


Thank you so much! Actually I just want to run ROS on the Beaglebone Blcak. It seems that the latest version of debian also supports ROS?


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Hi @M1chelle for ROS… use the posted focal image with this install instructions:


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