How to get uboot and MLO file

I'm trying to compile the source code. I got the uimage file by
following the steps on
but how do I get uboot and MLO file. The SD card is detected by the
board only when it has uboot and MLO file. Any help would be


Hi there!

Here you can find different sites where to find those files: and its mirror
-> download the .img file and then mount the first partition (the boot
partition) to a mount point:

to do this: use the "file" command on the .img file:
output example for "file -s xMc_4_25.img":
xMc_4_25.img: x86 boot sector; partition 1: ID=0xc, active, starthead
1, startsector 63, 240912 sectors; partition 2: ID=0x83, starthead 0,
startsector 240975, 6891885 sectors, code offset 0x0

then mount the first partition (the boot partition) to a mount point
(a directory) created by you:
sudo mount xMc_4_25.img path/to/bootfiles -o offset=$((63*512))

the "63" on the 'offset' of the command must be the same as the
startsector of the 1st partition that you got with the file command.
Then, you'll recover not only uboot and MLO, but also UImage and
uEnv.txt files

hope this helps!


Get this with git:

Just copy MLO and u-boot.img, which are built from u-boot mainline
v2011.12, to the SD card and give it a try.