How to increase appearance time of penguin logo..?

I am using a Beaglebone black board for my application with ubuntu-12.04(armhf)-3.8.13 kernel. My application is executing after 20 seconds from power on. For this much of time I want to keep the linux logo(penguin logo) appearing on screen before my application starts. Right now it is appearing for 2 seconds after that blank screen for 18 seconds. What modification should I do to achieve 2 seconds to 20 seconds?? Thanking you.


that would probably be part of the init scripts. Since it’s not beagle related and is instead a GNU/Linux thing, you should be able to google what manages the spash screen and switching to the log console. Once you find this you’ll likely have to do the changes in the initramfs structure and rebuild/compress it.


Hello Doug,
I am not expert with linux. Can you please guide me about which file I need to study and edit from kernel source to achieve my purpose?? Thanking you.

Hello Kishor. I suggest that you read about the “fbcondecor” kernel patch to learn about how to keep a boot splashscreen up beyond that of the Tux penguin logo that you have now.

Much of the time period where the logo is not on the screen is due to filesystem checks and daemons starting. You should make your application become the “init” process for your system and manually start whatever daemons you need. That will probably cut your boot time in half, at least. I trimmed down my system and got the boot to about 20 seconds, but when I made my app the init process the boot went down to about 8 seconds when the app started and fully usable in about 10 seconds.


Hello Andrew,
Thank you for your quick reply. I will try your suggestion. :slight_smile:

Hello Andrew sir,
My applixcation is GUI application and it requires desktop environment (slim in my case). Is it possible to execute GUI appllication as init process.And I have already removed non required deamons and services.I got success in reducing about 4-5 second. thank you for your help.

Typically, your init process will be a shell script of some sort that sets up your environment (launches daemons, mounts partitions, etc.) and then launches your app. There are several “slim” environments (SLiM login manager, Slim for PHP5, Slim templates for Ruby, etc.), so I’m not sure which one you are referring to. If you need an X server, launch it from the shell script you have as your init process and then launch your app from with the init process shell script or as some start-up script in your X environment. As long as the init process shell script launches all of the pieces that you need to get everything working, and the shell script never terminates, you’ll be fine.


Hello ,
I got success to run my application using shell script. Thank you Andrew for suggestion. Now, still there is black screen for 4-5 second between penguin logo and my application. I want to remove that. My application takes time to load. So I want that penguin logo should appear for long time. I want to achieve it doing change in console driver (fbcon), which is responsible to show logo. But I am not getting where to start. Anybody can help me who is working on fbcon driver ?? Thank you in advance.