How to install angstrom to NAND (C4)?

I have not been able to find much on google.
How can I install Angstrom (01.2011 build) to the NAND of my C4?

Can this be done inside of Angstrom itself? I do not have access to
serial console on beagle (still working on this issue).

I would like to have angstrom by default on nand..

Any help would be highly appreciated??

Thank You!

have a look at

It's a quick proof of concept I did for Jason


here you find all required information:


That looks beautiful!
I hope it installs it to nand.
Looks great, I'm going to have a quick run at this after work!

Ii will read over the wiki soon. Thanks.

The main problem is that I have no serial console (ongoing issue) with
any computer and my BB.

Could you help with this:
I do not need an MLO to boot.
When I have an MLO on SD it seems to fail to boot, but when I have
just uImage it boots.
Is that normal? I insgtall the right way. Just seems odd. Everyone
needs the MLO, but it does not work for me... It may work, but didn't
work when booting, so I removed it and it boots.

Hello Koen,
Again :wink:

Does this only install the coreOS and no windowing system?

The rootfs.,ubi present lacks a windowing system, but narcissus should be able to generate a .ubi with the GUI you choose.I say ‘should’ since someone reported a bug last week for jffs2, which might affect ubi as well.

If you have networking on your C4 you can login using ssh and install a GUI from the feeds. Keep in mind that it ‘only’ has 256MB of flash, so full GNOME will not fit, but e17 and xfce should work.

I can not get this to boot.
Is there anything special to do?

I formatted with mkcard.txt

Copied all files in order (sudo) but can not get it to boot while
holding S1/User button.
All other SD's load as normal (Angstrom and Ubuntu).