How to install Bonescript on Snappy Ubuntu Core?

I am using Snappy ubuntu core 16.4 on my BeagleBone Black, and the latest version of Snapcraft for building aplications. Due to cross building problem I got to build my snap package on BeagleBone in Snappy classic shell. I found this article for installing Bonescript on ubuntu and wrote my Snapcraft.yaml file with this dependencies. I changed the snapcraft plugin file and redirected it to download node version 0.8.25-linux-armv6. My snapcraft file is here:

name: someName
version: 0.0.1
summary: Show
description: Show
icon: icon.png

build-packages: [build-essential, g++, curl, libssl-dev, apache2-utils, git, libxml2-dev]

    command: bin/Something
    daemon: simple
    plugs: [listener]

    interface: old-security
    caps: [network-listener]

    plugin: nodejs
    source: .
      - bonescript



Build is successfull with some warnings, but no errors. Problem is that the warnings say that express is not supported by the 0.8.* version of node. What node js version i can install that supports bonescript and express, and build without errors.