How to install openCV for cross compilation

Dear all,

I have installed arm-angstrom-linux-gnueabi in my desktop and now I can cross compile C/Cpp programs using eclipse.
I want to install opencv in my desktop so that I can cross compile using previous C compiler.
So how can I install opencv in my desktop for cross compilation ?
Any help will be appreciated.

and after that:

bitbake opencv


Let try this if you want to install on your PC for compiling.

But, when you want to run your apps on target board, you also need to cross compile openCV and put all together on your target board.

I'm doing the following approach here:

* Using the off the shelf image with, in general, contains opencv
* Rebuild the image using openembedded setup scripts
* Run 'bitbake meta-toolchain'

With this, when I want to build applications for the board, when I
source the toolchain configuration environment variables, it detects
my sysroot and libraries.

Probably when you download from angstrom website, it comes already
with the sysroot.

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