How to install Python 3.x on my Rev 'C' (running Debian) BBB?

Dear Sir/Madam:

I would like to install Python 3.x (preferably version 3.4) on my BBB that is running the Debian OS. Can anyone help?

I tried #apt-get install python33
But got this error:
E: Unable to locate package python33


did you try:

    # apt-get install python3

(I admit that searching for it with apt-cache is not really useful, but could help)


when I see an error like that, I always make sure my date & time are set properly and then run

apt-get update
apt-get install

I’m not at my BBB to test, so I’m not sure if this would fix your problem or not

Well "python33" doesn't exist in debian, as it's 'python3'


wheezy: 3.2.3
jessie: 3.4.2

So if you want 3.4 your going to have to upgrade...


Hi Elena: Thanks for the two suggestions…the first one worked and the second one will be very helpful in the future.

Hi Robert: Thanks for the insight, will probably wait till Jessie becomes ‘stable’.

We are in freeze mode... So probally a month or two away..

But feel free to try the snapshots out:


Ok thanks.

Or bookmark:

Then you'll know when Jessie is released.