how to Load the new image to the sd card

            I got new beagle board-xM A3 rev.And i came to know that
there is no nand flash device on this board.I got 4GB mmc/sd card with
this board and it contains MLO,ramdisk.gz ,uImage and user.scr in its
first partition and root file system in its second partition.If I used
the uImage which came with board it works fine but I swapped with my
own linux kernel image It wont work and it will stop at uncompressing
linux.So can anyone please let me know the full procedure of booting
the board with new image.


Why do you ask how to write kernel to SD card? You would better ask how to compile a new kernel which can be booted at Beagleboard.

All 100% working kernels are here:

If you need to compile your own kernel then first you must decide which kernel version fits your needs: 2.6.29 (stable branch) or 2.6.32 (unstable).

Anyway your path is to OpenEmbedded:

2010/11/9 RV <>

Where are you getting "my own linux kernel" is something you compiled
or did you download it from somewhere?

Little confused: Why do you want a new kernel? What is wrong with
the one supplied?

Hi trey,
      Ya the kernel which I compiled.I want that one to port on the
beagle board.I configured the kernel according to my project.So can
you please guide me how to do that.

You said you compiled a kernel. Did you compile the kernel on the
BeagleBoard or did you compile it on your Linux PC? If you compiled
it on your linux PC did you use the Angstrom toolchain to do it?

Why was it necessary to compile the kernel, what features were you
missing? Just curious.

Once you have the kernel you can use this tutorial to make a sd-card
and get it to run:
The only change would be to copy your kernel over to the boot
partition and rename it to uImage.

I want to get kernel source to compiler for BB-xM too.
But I'm not see kernel source for BB-xM.
Do you have offer kernel source for user?
If I have kernel source code that I can build device driver on BB-xM.
beacuse it need kernel files to build.

2010/11/11 Chang Darren <>


    I used the tool chain arm-2010q1-202-arm-none-linux-gnueabi-i686-
pc-linux-gnu.tar.bz2 to compile the linux.2.6.32 version.Is it
necessary to use the tool chain u mentioned above.