How to make changes to boot.scr?

I gather that the first bytes before the text starts is some kind of signature,
but I was wondering how to recreate this signature on a changed boot.scr,
so that u-boot will accept it.

You’d be surprised how easy it is to crash the kernel during LKM development,
so I’d be happy for any pointers to make my life a little easier. :smiling_face:

Bonus points if you can demonstrate how to do it from inside the
robertcnelson/beagle-devscripts-kernel-debian-12-amd64:latest build container.

I am doing all my development work there.

Oh it’s just, a u-boot wrapper appended to the start of a text file:

mkimage -A riscv -T script -C none -d boot.txt boot.scr



So, the mkimage on the BeagleV itself is able to make it? Even better! :smiling_face:

Thanks Robert!