How to make the Angstrom linux comes up on the screen?

Hello people,16 bi
I’m a new with beaglebone black and working on it for my project. I’m using a TFT-Proto LCD display that connected to BBB. The problem I having now is that lack of information for this LCD display. A datasheet only gives me how to set the 565 16 bits, never tell me which pin is belongs to R,G,B and goes to where. So far, I just set user interface pin(IM0 ~ 3) as 1000 which is 565 16bits and connect them to BBB’s LCD_Data 0 to 15 directly. (Not sure this connection is correct) A backlit works but nothing comes up on the screen. Anyone can give some anything for it? Thanks.

You can look at the BeagleBone Black schematic and it shows the RGB information. It is on page 10.