How to measure the performance of Gstreamer on beagleboard-xM revC ?

Hi all,
I installed ubuntu 11.04 on my BB. I wanted to test the performance of the execution of a video using the DSP. I used the following guide: (section DSP gst-dsp)

Everything works and I can see the video with excellent quality comparing the performance with mplayer.
I want to print on the shell of the information while running the video, such as fps, but I can not give that option.
I currently run the video with gstreamer running a command like:

sudo gst-launch playbin2 uri=file:///home/USER/movie.avi

Is there any option that I print some information in the video while it is running?
Someone would know help me?


Use the TI dmaiperf plugin for gstreamer.

Thanks Fernando,
Do you have any link or guide for the installation and use of this plugin?

The dmaiperf is one of the Texas Instruments plugins for gstreamer that runs on the DSP. On angstrom it is available through the gstreamer-ti package.
There is some information on the link below and you can see its parameters with gst-inspect dmaiperf.
I hope it helps.