how to open the IDE of Sourcery

After installing the CodeSourcery quarter 3 2007 from the .bin file, I don’t know how to run the IDE which I believe that it was already installed with the package. I have just started learning so please help me with this simple question.
Thank you so much,
Thang Nguyen

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The free "Lite Editon" of CodeSourcery does not include an IDE -- the
free version is command line only. You have to buy the IDE version.

You can add the tool chain to eclipse.

Thank you so much,
Now I understand, but why in the download section when I check the features, they wrote this in the
Sourcery G++ Lite 2007q3-51 for ARM GNU/Linux. What is Graphical Installer?

Component Version Lite

GNU Binary Utilities 2.18.50-sg++ Yes
GNU C & C++ Compilers 4.2.1-sg++ Yes
GNU C Library Yes
GNU Debugger 6.6.50-sg++ Yes
Graphical Installer Yes
Sourcery G++ Debug Sprite Yes

the graphical installer is the .exe file you downloaded when you got the toolchain…its the installer program.

Could you please tell me how to set up the CodeSourcery with Eclipse? I did install the Eclipse SDK already. Thank you so much.

Thang Nguyen

If you want to learn more about development using the CodeSourcery
branch of the gcc tool chain with ARM and eclipse take a look at this
tutorial. I found it over at The focus is on the
AT91SAM7 which is the ARM7 core from atmel. However, there is
detailed information about getting eclipse setup. Here is a link to
the zip file.

While it doesn't focus specifically on the Cortex-A8 inside of the
OMAP on the BB it should at least help give some background and get
you going in the right direction. Open the zip file and look for the
PDF, it is like 200 pages long so it should keep you busy for a little