how to port Angstrom OS files into SD card


I rebuilt Angstrom OS with additional packages and extracted in a folder.
In this folder there are many OS folders.

How can I port this Angstorm OS folders into SD card for my beaglebone properly.?



Usually, if you already set up a boot partition on your SD card, you just have to copy the Angstrom files and directories to a second partition on the card.
Here’s a pretty simple tutorial to get your SD card ready for the Beagleboard xM : .
I guess this should work for the beaglebone too.


Thank yo I’ll try it

2012/8/23 Antoine R. <>


I exactly follow the instructions in website you gave me.But

these files are not in my OS folder;

MLO-* and u-boot-*.bin files

So I got error at these commands:

cp boot/MLO-* /media/boot/MLO
cp boot/u-boot-*.bin /media/boot/u-boot.bin

How can I solve this problerm.?


2012/8/23 GÜRAY ÇİNTİR <>

Hi again,

Which format is your image compressed in ? Mine was generated in .tar.gz, but this line :
tar --wildcards -xjvf [YOUR-DOWNLOAD-FILE].tar.bz2 ./boot/*

is for tar.bz2, not tar.gz. In fact you have to use :

tar --wildcards -x**z**vf [YOUR-DOWNLOAD-FILE].tar.bz2 ./boot/*

to specify you want to extract a .tar.gz compressed archive.

I hope this can fix your issue ; the next operation from the tutorial has the same problem so don’t forget to change the “j” to “z” in the arguments ! :wink: .