How to restart the systemctl wifi service on beagle black wireless

Hey every one,
I have some troubles with the wifi reception of my local network
how can I simply restart the right systemctl service in order to avoid a reboot ?
I mean reseting the wifi states like a fresh reboot will normally do without rebooting of course ?
I m on beagle black wire less and the problem don’t come from the beagle board I just need to avoid a reboot…

Did you try the terminal command

sudo systemctl restart network[.service]

The .service extension is necessary for old kernel versions (< 4.0 AFAIR).

I will try this one ! so far I have tried connman.service

But sadly nothing work well I fill like my wifi was jammed by bad signals coming from some where … maybe is there a kind of cache to flush ? if any one have an idea the main fact is when I restart the connection is working back again so I just want avoid a reboot…

I usually do this to reset my wlan connection (assuming your wifi interface is wlan0):

sudo ip link set wlan0 down
sudo ip link set wlan0 up
connmanctl scan wifi

oh cool I will try that thanks a lot