how to RMA?

So I have a problem in one of my BBs, and I want to see if I can RMA
it. I went to the page below and filled the form with all the required
data. When I click on the Submit button, instead of sending the data,
I get asked to set up an email account in Seamonkey (the browser I am
using). I am not sure I want to set-up such an account. Am I missing
something? Why doesn't the Submit button just send the data in the
form as in many other websites?

Sounds like the page is corrupted some how or you have some malware.
Send a direct email with the required information to the RMA email account.


Thanks Gerald.

I did a search within Gmail like so "label:beagleboard subject:rma "
and the second thread, dated 8/11/2014, has what seems like the same
problem as I have.

It looks like the web page is trying to send my data using whatever
email client I have configured the browser with. I tried Internet
Explorer and I got the attached dialogue box.

This seems to be an uncommon way of designing a web page, at least I
don't remember have encountered something like this before. Normally
the Submit button justs sends data without using an email client. I
don't feel inclined to configure email clients in browsers for
security reasons.

So yes, I prefer to send the request directly to the RMA email address
like you suggested. Is the address


I will pass this on to Jason so he can look into it.

Yes, that is the RMA address.


Thanks, Gerald.

The web form is a mailto: form, so, yes, it just tries to use your
e-mail client. The form is there to help make sure you provide the
right information in the e-mail. This used to be much more common, but
now people typically setup some kind of database and create some kind
of e-mail output at the back end, if desired.

Is this really a big enough deal for me to create a back-end script
and have the server generate the e-mail?

Hi Jason,

I am fussy. To keep fussy people happy why not just add a line at the
bottom of the RMA web page along the lines of this:
"Tip: Alternatively you can email the information requested in the
form above to rma at beagleboard dot org."