How to run custom models on beagle board ai 64

I’m facing problems running a custom model on beagle board ai 64

The followings are the steps I processed

  1. Complied a custom model by using

  2. flashed bbai64-debian-11.6-xfce-edgeai-arm64-2023-01-02-10gb.img.xz on SD card

  3. Import the custom model on /opt/model_zoo and then ran it

I got this error
ERROR: Running TIDL graph … Failed !!!

According to other questions in
thet say run /vx_app_arm_remote_log.out
and I got this log
[C7x_1 ] 587.448501 s: VX_ZONE_ERROR:[tivxKernelTIDLCreate:644] Network version - 0x20220823, Expected version - 0x20211201

and this means that my beagle board’s version is 8.2 but my model is compiled for version 8.4
Am I right?

To resolve the problem is to upgrade the version to 8.4, but I have no idea how to do that.

I found

but this doesn’t works on beagle board, it only works on ti board

what should I do any suggestion?

Yes, that’s right. The solution as of now is to downgrade the tools you’re using on the host for compilation, rather than upgrade the version on the Beagle. There isn’t currently an official image for a newer version of EdgeAI and Robert has said here the update is not straightforward: TIDL/EdgeAI benchmarks on the AI-64 - #18 by RobertCNelson

Thanks for the comment @kaelinl :grin: