How to see the beagleBone Board from a VBOX running Ubuntu14.04.02LTS

Hi I have a Windows 7 Professional PC running VBOX with Ubuntu14.04.02LTS as Host OS.

I want to use this as developement host for the BBB.

However I cannot connect to the BBB from this VBOX image.
Is this a known issue?

I can see the BBB from as a disc in Windows7 and open a aTeraterm and connect to the BBB.

What am I missing?


I would recommend putting the BBB directly on the Ethernet network,
Then connect to it via Ethernet.

The USB-Bridge is useful only in certain simple connection configurations.

— Graham

Some people, specifically that are college students may not have the luxury
of using ethernet. In the case where they have a laptop, with ethernet
plugged into the schools network. Or even if they're using wifi, using an
additional cable may not be convenient, or otherwise very difficult if
they're using that ethernet adapter at home on a dedicated network.