How to setup ethernet on my beagleboard xm Rev B?

According to the TI-Android-GingerBread-2.3.4-DevKit-2.1_UserGuide ,I
have build an Android system on my beagleboard xm Rev B,and it work
well, now I want add the ethernet on beagle,what should I do next? how
configure will be the correct way?

list some informations below on serial port :

hub 1-2:1.0: USB hub found
hub 1-2:1.0: 5 ports detected
usb 1-2.1: new high speed USB device using ehci-omap and address 3
mmc0: host does not support reading read-only switch. assuming write-
mmc0: new high speed SDHC card at address 0007
mmcblk0: mmc0:0007 SD4GB 3.70 GiB
mmcblk0: p1 p2 p3
smsc95xx v1.0.4
usb1: register 'smsc95xx' at usb-ehci-omap.0-2.1, smsc95xx USB 2.0
Ethernet, 1e:a3:76:90:52:51
Sending DHCP requests .
usb1: link up, 100Mbps, full-duplex, lpa 0x45E1
, OK
IP-Config: Got DHCP answer from, my address is
IP-Config: Complete:
     device=usb1, addr=, mask=,
     host=, domain=, nis-domain=(none),
     bootserver=, rootserver=, rootpath=
Waiting 1sec before mounting root device...
kjournald starting. Commit interval 5 seconds
EXT3-fs (mmcblk0p2): using internal journal
EXT3-fs (mmcblk0p2): 1 truncate cleaned up
EXT3-fs (mmcblk0p2): recovery complete
EXT3-fs (mmcblk0p2): mounted filesystem with writeback data mode
VFS: Mounted root (ext3 filesystem) on device 179:2.
Freeing init memory: 176K
Warning: unable to open an initial console.
init: cannot open '/initlogo.rle'
init: cannot find '/system/etc/', disabling
# netcfg
lo UP 0x00000049
usb0 DOWN 0x00001002
usb1 UP 0x00001043
# warning: `zygote' uses 32-bit capabilities (legacy support in use)
alarm_set_rtc: no RTC, time will be lost on reboot