How to Start beagleboard


Can anyone help me how to start beagle board? I hv purchased it just couple of day back. I have window 7 installed in my laptop and hv USB to serial converter. I have connected it to beagle board but not able to connect. i have beagle board A3 version.

Pls help me out.


Hello Vishal,

First of all, you should read the BeagleBoard System Reference Manual
(in this case version C4):
You are going to have to search for the version A3...

Then, buy the parts you need:
If you are using usb to serial. You probably want to download a
software called Putty. That way, you can connect from your laptop to
your board.

You are gonna need to make sure that you have a Linux SD Card also.
There are several
websites but that depends also on the BB version which you are using.
Some websites are: