How to stream audio from a radio connected with USB

Long time Raspberry Pi user here, interested in another small SBC.
I’ve been using my Raspberry Pi’s to stream audio from an amateur radio transceiver that has a built-in USB soundcard. One the Pi, I’ve been using NoMachine which has an interface to PulseAudio.
NoMachine doesn’t seem to run on a BeagleBoard so…
Is there another way to do this? At a minimum I’d like to be able to hear audio from the radio streamed to a Mac, but ideally I’d like to also be able to send audio from the Mac’s mic into the BeagleBoard and then to the radio.

Thanks and 73 de W3YJ

I’m guessing you should contact the developers of the software…


Right…so I’m wondering if there’s any other application that might be able to stream audio. If not, then I cannot use a BeagleBoard.

A quick search: GitHub - sonosaurus/sonobus: Source code for SonoBus, a real-time network audio streaming collaboration tool.


Thanks! I will look into SonoBus.