How to take backup image of updated image on sd card.

I am using beaglebone black with ubuntu precise available at booting from sd card. I have extended the partition on the sd card and have installed ubuntu-desktop. Now I want to use my memory card for other purpose. I would like to a backup of what is on my memory card now as a image file and format my memory card after that and use for a different purpose. And whenever I want I must be able to use win32 disk imager and write the backup image and use it with ubuntu-desktop and other files that I saved. Can this be done. If yes, how?

You can use Win32DiskImager to make a backup of your SD card on your PC. Insert the SD card into your SD card reader, start Win32DiskImager, select the SD card in the device dropdown, select or type a file in the Image File area, and click on the Read button. This will copy the data from the SD card to an image file. You can use 7zip or something similar to compress the image file to save space.

You can now format the SD card and use it for any other function.

Decompress and use the write option in Win32DiskImager to restore the image back to the SD card.

Dennis Cote