How to transfer data from beaglebone / weather cape.


does anyone know how to transfer sensor value that i got from my weather cape auto updated to the sql database server (Windows) and also let the sensor value run every like 30 seconds and update itself into the sql database?


You have to specify more precisely what you need. Do you want to store
individual values every 30 seconds as a separate records, or just
update the 'current record' with the latest value? If you just need
the last one, there's not much point to running the entire SQL setup
to store it, so I assume you want the former.

How is your BBB connected to your other boxes: USB or Ethernet?

This list is about beaglebone, so probably you won't get much help for
setting your Windows/SQL box here, but basically there are two ways to
do this system: pushing data from the BBB to Windows, and pulling the
data from Windows. If you are familiar with Windows and/or have access
to people who can help you there, you should try the latter. You got
some good advice on your Google post---use ODBC or other database
connector from MSSQL to BBB and automate the periodic update on
Windows. Actually, the simplest BBB setup would be a tight loop that
waits for a network connection, does a single sensor read and returns
the current value; the Windows code would then periodically connect,
read and store the data into MSSQL.

Having said that, BBB is capable of running the database itself---have
you considered implementing the whole system on the BBB?

Start describing your system in more detail: first what you want it to
do, then what parts you have, then how you want to use them for your
purpose. You will help yourself to understand your problem better, and
also help others to answer your questions.

Helllo there!
I’m glad that you reply.
Firstly, I’m giving the hardware which is beaglebone Black and the Weather cape. Basically, I need to retrieve the sensor value from the Weather Cape therefore I mount the Weather Cape to the BeagleBone Black. That’s how i managed to get my sensor value with the code that i type.
The code is for sensor in /sys/bus/i2c/devices/i2c-1//_input; do echo -n "$(basename $sensor): "; cat $sensor; done

when i key in the code above , the result display as below :

lux1_input: 121
humidity1_input: 58476
temp1_input: 25297
pressure0_input: 99590
temp0_input: 250

Therefore i need to store all this value in a database records and the application i’m using is visual studio ,sql database server.
As we know the value of the sensor might keeep changing therefore I need the application to run every 30s and updated the lastest value into the database itself.

Do you have the simplest way to do it?

Best Regards,

Hello Shao Min,

I am doing a project that contains a database of images and the beaglebone has to access the database for updates. How would you approach this issue on calling the database by wireless. I hope you were able to get your Weather Cape working.

xie xie