How to use BBGW usr-led ?

i just started working with a beaglebone green wireless.

I want to use the four usr-led on the board.
Right now they are blinking in this pattern


I read that this is the pattern for wifidog searching for new wifi networks.

How can i disable this, to manually get access to the usr-led?

When I try to access the usr-led nothing happens (trigger = none, brightness = 1).

Can somebody help me?


Hi Jan,
Did you end up finding a solution to this? I’ve been having the same problem for quite a while now.

I was able to do this by uninstalling the wifidog-gateway. This process was starting on boot to create the gateway which runs on boot to make the Beaglebone a hotspot. It was also blinking the LEDs. If you remove this package, then you should be able to change the LEDs using the standard commands. If you need this service, then I’m not sure what to do.