How to use Kernel 3.14 with Dallas Onewire (DS18B20's)

Hi all,

Im struggling currently with configurating the GPIO pins to be able to use Dallas Onewire on the Beaglebone Black.
I want to be able to use Dallas Onewire to be able to read the temperature, but with using Kernel 3.14 (Ubuntu 14.04.1 armhf).
Currently, I cannot get my head around how to configure the DTS files to be able to add Dallas Onewire into the Device Tree as I want to be able to setup everything at boot and not use Cape Manager (This doesn’t exist any more).

Thanks in advance.

I found this post to be helpful when I was experimenting with the DS18B20

  • jeffa

Hi Jeffa,

Thanks for the reply, but isn’t this for any kernel lower than 3.14, as there is a cape manager in any kernel lower than that?