How to Use New LCD Expansion Header on Beagle Board Rev. C

I have been waiting for Rev. C to come out so that I could take
advantage of the LCD expansion header on the board. From what I
understand, the 20 pin header is used for standard laptop monitors. Is
there any big advantage to using the expansion header vs. HDMI besides
being able to use a laptop monitor and possibly run it off a power

I would like to make an open source PMP to play around with so I am
thinking maybe a 7 inch touch screen display. Does anyone know what
the best way of connecting the lcd to the Beagle Board would be.

Thanks for you help and please excuse my ignorance if I am asking some
simple questions.

The 20 pin connector is NOT a standard of any kind. It is the raw signals that connect to the OMAP3530 processor and are 1.8V signals. It will not drive any display that I have ever heard of without an adapter card being created to match the levels and pinout required for a specific display. This can be various RGB pinouts or even LVDS. This will be determined by the display that you choose.

Please refer to the System Reference Manual for more information.