How To


Thanks for you support on my previous request..!!!

I have the kernel source code and the needed toolchain.
Now i want to write applications that run on beagle board..
I want to know the procedure to do so..!!! Where to start and get the
things working...!!!

Thanks & Regards
Kishore K

I would say there are two main options:

= direct cross-compilation =

You just need to specify the different compiler and that's it. That's
for example how the kernel is cross-compiled. This works when you
don't have any dependencies or special needs, if you have, then things
get complicated. That's why OpenEmbedded is a popular approach in this

= scratchbox =

Scratchbox emulates the target architecture only when needed, so from
your point of view there's no difference compiling natively, or
cross-compiling. This is for example how the Maemo SDK[1] and
linuxonarm[2] initiative works.

It takes some time initially to set it up, but then it's much easier.

This is how I do it for the beagleboard: