HSUSB in U-Boot

I'm working on a driver for the Beagleboard-xM to get U-Boot talking
to the HSUSB port. I've set the pin muxing to be HSUSB2, enabled the
USB and DPLL5 clocks, configured the UHH and TLL in similar ways to
Linux and sent a hardware reset to the USB3320. When I attempt to send
a software reset to port 2 through the INSNREG05_ULPI register the
DM3730 never clears the control bit indicating there is a problem with
the communication between the CPU and USB3320.

I've booted into Linux to confirm USB works correctly there so it is
not a hardware problem.

Does anyone have any ideas where I should look to track down what is


Have you looked at Laine's uboot with EHCI support? It's located at http://gitorious.org/spark-sls/x-load. Are you patches online somewhere?

I've uploaded my patches to [1]. There are two patches, one to set the
pin muxing in x-load and one for u-boot with a modified copy of
Laine's EHCI driver.

I am still unable to get the driver to work. I've probed the reset and
clock lines with an oscilloscope and they appear to be correct.

[1] http://fubar.geek.nz/files/beagleboard/