Human presence detection project

I am Mohammad T Rahman, currently in my final year of PhD. My
interests include image processing, algorithms for digital image
pipeline and human device interface.
I would like to propose a project on Beagle Board using its ARM and
DSP side. Title of the project could be something like this: Human
presence detection in a secure environment. A USB camera will be
attached with the Beagle Board covering a whole room or ROI of the
room. If any person enters the room without prior authentication the
system shall detect the position of the person, take a snapshot
a zoomed shot of that position, if optical zooming is not possible
the camera we can do some digital zooming) and send that information
to another computer or mobile device along with a warning message.
human detection in the scene a skin color based approach will be
If the lighting condition of the room is known, a predefined model
be used. If not, an adaptive model is to be used.

This is just a high level overview. I will put more details soon. Let
me know your ideas and comments on this.

Mohammad Rahman
PhD student
University of Texas at Dallas

Hi Mohammad - did you get response from mentors off board or on the
RSS? You will want to add "GSoC" to the title of your post to make
sure that the mentors spot it as an application discussion. Let me
know how I can help