Hycon Touch controller HY4633 Linux Driver!!


did anyone find the working and full driver of Hycon HY4633 Touch IC?

I did not find any in current version of Linux Repo.


on the website https://www.hycontek.com/en/category/products-en/touch-en#tab2 they provide sample code
but i dont know if its enough!!!

any help will be appreciable!! Thank you.

have you found a solution e.g. a working driver?

Best Regards,


for a temporary solution, I have taken old standard FocalTech driver and luckily it works but with logging and resolution x-y errors.

what I am using is this.

there is also a stable version in the Linux repo but it did not worked quite correct.

But the main thing is that its a software for old controller IC which does not pass 100% to the new oneā€¦ and for the longtime support I need the original one. i.e. from Linux Stable Repo and still after a long time there is no update.
please keep updating if you find the original one.