I am getting "undefined reference" error while running cross-compiled Qt program in Beaglebone Black


I have done cross-compilation to run Qt programs in Beaglebone Black. I am able to run widgets general programs but graphics related programs are getting errors as

/mnt/bbb-rootfs/usr/local/bbb/include/QtGui/qcolor.h:290: error: undefined reference to `QColor::setNamedColor(QLatin1String)’

I have also attached error screenshot. Kindly help me on this.

Gunjan Vora

BBB error.png

This error in not during cross-compilation. I am getting this error while running the program using cross-compiled Beaglebone black kit in Qt. I have used Linaro toolchain for cross-compilation and I have cross-compiled qt5-qtbase in first place.

I think you're getting link-time errors during croscompilation---I
don't see any evidence that you were able to run anything.
Does this code compile in a native (non-cross) environment?
On my system qcolor.h seems to be provided by qt5-qtbase so you need
to have that in the cross-compilation environment.