I am using bbb and want to operate the camera.

I tried to operate the camera through this, but learning is not possible because it is difficult to find related examples using the camera I currently purchased. Please contact us for assistance.

my situation
bbb/ov5462 arducam/arduino mega
I was thinking of connecting them with I2C and reading them on the BeagleBone. Or you can just read it from Arduino gpio.
During the process, I found an official library and tried to use it, but the examples posted were running apps supported by the Arducam company.

I plan to receive it as a bridge and receive it with ros2 and moveit (I’m not sure how this part is connected yet). (using [ros2_serial_interface])

So, please choose one of the following:

  1. You can proceed now, so I will attach the materials and follow along.
  2. Yes. You are wrong, try buying the parts again and restarting with the following configuration / try this for an example:

I’m embarrassed that the request seems strong, but I’m asking because I’m in a very dangerous situation right now if I can’t do it.
thanks for reading.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend